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Howard Leicester

Howard Leicester with large lightbulb, white cane and hearign aids and a big smile

Who I am

Despite progressive deafblindness - a condition he shares with most politicians - Dr Howard Leicester is a researcher shining the accessibility light in his own academic field.

What I do

Health Informatics R&D is where Howard has already:

  • Changed the content of future patient records to reflect "additional needs".
  • Convinced the Department of Health to adopt  the UK web accessibility standard (BS8878) for the design of new GP records and Apps.
  • Begun to move university courses towards the individual and group engagement agenda.
  • Reminded the Office for National Statistics, and others,  of obligations for data in reusable formats accessible to all (Open Data).
  • Influenced NHS England's decision to develop an Accessible Information Standard.

Health and Social Care should be exemplary. After all, "health" is not just the presence or absence of conditions. Moreover, the significant numbers with literacy challenges make accessibility a mainstream issue.

Howard works with charities, academics and health organisations around the UK. He explores statistics, reviews personal accounts, and reformats official reports. OneVoice colleagues generously help when his Assistive Technologies are not up to the task.

Further Information

Contact Howard and his colleagues with any R&D project in need of guidance on official health policies and direction on accessibility.