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Accessible Documents OneVoice project

In January 2014 OneVoice decided that there was a need for guidance on what format(s) should be used to create the most accessible digital documents.

This section of the site has been set up to enable an open and informed discussion of this topic.

It is intended that the concensus of this discussion will be published by June 2014 in time for e-access 14.

To kick this process off we would like you to comment on the Bloor Research opinion piece described in the article below .


Independently of the Onevoice project the UK government has initiated an investigation 'Government documents – understanding what users need' . Recently it produced two proposals:

They are both interesting but do not explicitly discuss the isssues around accessibility.

There is a useful presentation on accessible ebooks at .

A link to this project was posted on the Accessible PDF Forum on Linkedin and has created a lively and helpful discussion to see it go to